artist's creativity meets UX and design

Our Approach

we offer conceptual intervention to optimize your product.
Improvement consultancy.

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a crisp and agile methodology
The nourishment we provide is brought to you by our professional artists engaged in constant research.

We offer UX and conceptual consultancy from a network of highly unique artists. Unusual ideas and solutions coupled with feedback to improve your product. The observant and attentive attitude of the artist is translated into agile conceptualizations. Artists are trained in full project production, always looking at the big picture in theoretical and conceptual terms. This consultancy brings an unconventional gaze to test your product and find solutions beyond the limits of known rituals.


According to your needs we will propose a fitting team. We work with a wide range of international artists trained and practicing in a broad spectrum of conceptual, performative and visual formats.

dadaAda has a background embedded in Art. There we find our history and from there derives our approach.

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